Our Team


Mark Mandelstam, BPT, C.Acup F.C., CGIMS Practitioner

Mark began his health care career in 1989 attending medical school in the former Soviet Union; four years later he moved to Israel and began attending the Ben Gurion University where he graduated with a degree in Physiotherapy.
He gained his clinical experience while working in a military hospital in the orthopedic department, treating both acute and chronic conditions. In 2005 Mark also graduated from the Canadian Federation of Acupuncture.
His areas of expertise are Hydrotherapy, Knee injuries, Rotator cuff problems as well as Whiplash injuries associated with the tension headaches.


Kashish Goel, MPT

Kashish began his career as a physiotherapist in India in 2010. After completing his bachelors degree he worked in a clinical setting for 2 years. In 2012 moved to New Zealand, where he decided to pursue a Masters degree in Sports and Exercise Science with a focus on fall prevention in an elderly population. After completing his master, he worked in a long term elderly care facility where he utilized his knowledge to reduce the falls in the elderly. Recently he moved to Canada and started working as a physiotherapist (Interim) and is a also a registered physical therapist in the US. Now he is looking forward for a Doctor of physical therapy program along with IMS.

His area of expertise is post fracture, post joint replacement, fall prevention and stroke cases. He also enjoys travelling to new places, meeting people and cooking.


Orma Sadler, BPT, IMS Practitioner

Orma received her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in the Philippines. She continues her education here in Canada and has been practicing as a Physiotherapist since  2014. She has varied experience in the rehabilitation field and is currently practicing as a Physiotherapist both in this clinic and  at the hospital. She is pursuing her passion for learning  by enrolling  in continuing studies pertaining to  improving pain management and mobility. Orma’s life is very full with her young family and loves to cook, read, hike and explore new places.

Hardeep Dhillon, DPT

Hardeep has been in the field of rehabilitation and fitness since 2011. After completing his Bachelor of Kinesiology degree in 2013 he worked as a kinesiologist for 2 years in the community and at Cedar Valley Physiotherapy. During this time he gained experience working with patients with a range of musculoskeletal conditions and also experience with prescribing rehabilitation exercises, return to work programs and job site visits. He also completed his Doctor of Physiotherapy in Australia in 2017 and worked in a clinic with patients of all age groups with musculoskeletal injuries. While in Australia he also completed a course to practice dry needling and IMS (intramuscular stimulation). Overall, Hardeep’s studies have been focused on manual therapy, exercise science, active rehabilitation and personal training. He has a keen interest in injuries of the back and neck. Hardeep is fluent in Punjabi and he enjoys playing ice hockey, basketball, touch football and is also an avid snowboarder.


Alireza (Ali), Sarmadi PhD, PT

Alireza began his health care career in 1996 attending medical school in Iran. After he earned his Bachelor in Physiotherapy he progressed to do his Masters in Physiotherapy and then onto his PhD in Physiotherapy,  all while he worked at the University Physiotherapy clinic.

Once Alireza completed his schooling he started to work as assistant professor in TMU University until he moved to Canada in 2012.

Alireza gained his clinical experience by working at the University Physiotherapy clinic, as well as several private clinics and public hospitals treating acute and chronic conditions, post operation rehabilitation and sport injuries. He has published several papers in the internationally known scientific journals. He is also certified for Intramuscular stimulation (IMS) treatment.

His areas of expertise are knee injuries and neck pain.

Kevin Busch, BKIN, Personal Trainer

Kevin obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from the University of the Fraser Valley in 2014.
As a kinesiologist at Cedar Valley Physiotherapy & Pain Clinic, Kevin develops specialized exercise programs for the rehabilitation of a wide variety of injuries and disabilities. In addition to the clinical work he is also active in the field of Occupational Rehabilitation performing Job Demands Analysis and providing Return to Work Support Services. In September 2015, he completed the Matheson Functional Capacity Evaluation Course.
Out of the clinic Kevin is a personal trainer and embodies fitness, health, and wellness as integral part of his life. He enjoys weight training, running, cycling, and snowboarding.